Who is a journalist?


A journalist is a person who writes about news people should know, and they do so in a way that can give the public an opinion about the truth. The first journalists came from England in their coffeehouses and pubs writing about what they’ve seen or heard from traveling. Journalists now, have changed in the way they do things but they still have the exclusive purpose to give people the information they need. As the New York Times put in their paper, they are to serve the governed, not the governors. Journalists are the ones who stand above all the extremely opinionated and biased bloggers and self-journalists and as futurist Paul Saffo stated, “come to conclusions in uncertain environments.” Today, journalists have to be extremely careful in order to make sure their information if reliable and valid.  There are too many false sites on the internet and warped truths that it becomes a journalist’s job to get down to the core truth. Journalists are leaders of all the other self-journalists. They have to relate to every person’s needs in order to give them a voice. It’s a hard job to decide which topics are most important and how to call the public to action, yet that is the mind of a journalist. Verify the truth and get it out for the public to comprehend and grasp.


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