The Significant must be Interesting!


News is significant! Or, it is supposed to be… So journalists must make the news significant to their readers; put what is important in the paper and on the news!

What about storytelling? Should journalists emphasize the news that is entertaining and captivating or should they just stick to the news that is considered most important?  The great thing about this profession, is that journalism can be both!  Fascination and important news are two points on a continuum of communicating. We must find the significant interesting.

The reasons sometimes the public does not see this captivating news everyday, is because journalists can bet lazy.  Journalists can be in a hurry, ignorant, lazy, or just running short on time.  These factors are what make journalism difficult but that is where they must step up and deliver. After all, this is what journalism is about right?

Think about this… you are an average college-aged student who is trying to find out what is going on in the world.  Either you are getting very entertained by the news and love watching it but you still don’t really understand what is going on, or you are bored out of your mind listening to war bombings and senator disputes.  Which would you prefer?  Tough decision huh. Nobody likes to be bored, but everybody wants to know what significant things go on in the world and how they are affected by them.  Here is the beautiful thing: you don’t have to choose between the two.

Times are always changing, so journalists must keep up with the current or it will be left behind. Infotainment is the new trend in news. People want entertainment and important news so journalists must deliver both. This is the easiest form of news for people to understand and relate to.

Here are the approaches to make news writing more interesting:

  • Consider who the audience is. What do they need to know?
  • Use a narrative style
  • Write a profile story, an explanatory piece, an issues and trend story, and investigative piece, a descriptive day in the life, a perspective story, Q&A, or a visual story
  • Vary from the usual chronological order. Change it up!
  • The list goes on… Just be creative!

But also just remember.. “technique should never alter the facts.”


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